By registering, students accept the UIMP enrolment terms and conditions.

Courses on our programme are aimed at adults. If a student aged 16 or 17 wishes to register for the course, they need to send a completed Authorisation Form signed by their parents or guardians, alongside the pre-enrolment application.

Those student wishing to register need to fill out and send the application form to the Students' Office alongside a passport-sized photograph and a photocopy of their passport or identity document.

Enrolment and payment methods

Once the Secretary's Office has received the pre-enrolment application, the student will be sent the matching price as well as instructions to pay for the registration and, where applicable, accommodation if this has been booked for the UIMP Halls of Residence.

The course price and registration expenses need to be paid upon confirmation of your place. In addition to the registration fee, those students having applied for accommodation at Las Llamas Campus or in La Playa Residence have to pay the accommodation reservation (€60) that shall be discounted from the total cost of the requested accommodation. The remaining amount will be paid upon confirmation of your place in the accommodation. If you fail to pay for the accommodation 3 weeks before the course starts, the booking will be cancelled.

If registration takes place under 21 days before the start of the course, payment of the fees may not be made in instalments and should be made once students received confirmation of their place.

Payment methods:

  • Bank transfer to the UIMP account (details will be provided on the booking confirmation letter). All bank charges shall be paid by the student.
  • Credit card, over the UIMP website.


Level test

Students must take a level test on the first day of the course.

Some courses require prior language knowledge and passing the level test is obligatory to be able to register on the chosen course.


Attendance certificates

At the end of the course students will receive an attendance certificate in line with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) stating the level and number of class hours.

In order to be awarded the certificate, students need to attend at least 85% of Spanish Language and Culture classes, based on the class hours stated in the corresponding info box and as per the length of stay on the course.


Cancellation and Refunds

If the University cancels the course or level, students will receive a refund for the amount paid or, if they so request, may use this amount for another scheduled course in the same academic year.

Cancellation before arrival:

  • If the request is received 10 or more days before the start of the course, the UIMP will refund 80% of the enrolment fee paid and 100% of the accommodation fees.
  • Requests received under 10 days before the start of the course will have no right to a refund for enrolment fees. The accommodation amount will be refunded (where applicable) as long as the cancellation is notified before the start of the course. In these instances, the accommodation booking fee (€60) is non-refundable.
  • Enrolment charges (€20) are non-refundable in all instances.

Cancellation after arrival: The enrolment price, registration charges and (where applicable) accommodation will not be refunded once the course has started.

Cases of force majeure will be looked at individually.

Refund requests should be made in writing and sent to the Students' Office alongside the corresponding supporting documentation.


Medical insurance

Students from member nations of the European Union are recommended to bring their E-111/128 with them so that they can use the Spanish Public Health Service if necessary.

We recommend students from non-EU countries take out medical insurance before travelling.


Students with disabilities

Students with a physical disability or special educational requirements should notify the University before booking a course so that we can advise them about how suitable the chosen course is for them and the support we can reasonably provide them with. The UIMP cannot guarantee that we are able to cover the specific requirements of these students.


Conduct and behaviour 

The UIMP reserves the right to expel any student with unsatisfactory attendance or work, improper conduct and/or where their behaviour contravenes the centre's regulations.



The UIMP is not liable for any thefts, loss of objects or illnesses that students may experience inside or outside the centre.

The UIMP cannot be held liable for accidents occurring outside the centre's facilities.



  • European Union citizens do not need a visa to attend the courses.
  • Non-EU citizens need to obtain information at the Embassy or consulate about requirements to study in Spain.
  • Those students requiring a UIMP admission letter to process a visa application at the Spanish Embassy or consulate need to pay for the programme they have registered for in full beforehand.
  • Once payment is received, the admission letter will be sent to the address provided by the student. The document will show the student's personal details, passport number, the length of the course at the UIMP and (where applicable) the accommodation address during their stay.
  • If student need us to send the admission letter by courier, they need to pay for the charges beforehand for said delivery.
  • If the visa is denied, the UIMP will refund the money paid as long as the student notifies it in writing before the start of the course and presents the official document sent by the Embassy or consulate where the visa refusal was notified to them and the reasons for said refusal. Enrolment charges (€20) are non-refundable in all instances.


Image rights

From time to time, photographs and videos are taken to be used in our promotional campaign and/or for commercial purposes. If students do not agree, they (or their parents or guardians in the case of minors) need to notify the UIMP when registering for the course.



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